Event Management

Metro Toronto Convention Centre Event Management Scholarship

Areas of Study

  • Event Management (post-graduate)
  • Events Planning-Destination Tourism
  • Hospitality & Tourism Administration with a Special Events Management elective

Who Can Apply
Students currently enrolled in their final year of a two-year Event Management diploma or a 1-year Event Management graduate program.

Only students from the following participating schools are allowed to apply for the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Event Management Scholarship.






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ONLY Canadian Citizens and Landed Immigrants are able to apply.

Applicants must not have received any other Canadian Hospitality Foundation scholarships.

How to Apply
Download the application form here.

Send the completed application form and the required documents directly to the following address:

Canadian Hospitality Foundation
300 Adelaide St. East, #339
Toronto ON M5A 1N1
Attn: Scholarship Committee

Please note that missing, falsified or incomplete documents will be grounds for elimination.

What Needs to be Included
Each scholarship application submission must include the following:

  • A completed and signed application form (pen or typewritten only)
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • An OFFICIAL transcript of records.  Your most recent school transcript.  Web grades, photocopy, emailed or faxed transcripts will NOT be accepted.
  • Letter(s) of recommendation from a current faculty member and/or school administrator.  Each letter must be signed and must include address, telephone and email address and be on school letterhead.
  • Letter(s) of recommendation from past or present employer(s). Reference letters for volunteer activities will also be considered.  Each letter must be signed and must include address, telephone and email address and be on company letterhead.
  • Photo of applicant.  The photo must be a colour 5 by 7 inch head and shoulders portrait, with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. Please keep your background simple.
  • Essay.  A 300 word essay stating
    • why you are drawn to the event management field of the hospitality industry,
    • why you think you will succeed in it AND
    • describe where you see yourself professionally five years from now.

The Foundation reserves the right to check all references. All documents submitted in French must include an English translation.  All photos become the property of the Canadian Hospitality Foundation and may be used in marketing tools by the Foundation.

Deadline for Submission
Applications must be submitted on or before the May 25th .  Applications received after that date will not be eligible.

How the application will be judged
Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Work experience    20 points
    Based on quality and length of work experience with extra points for industry-related experience and for increased levels of responsibility.
  2. Leadership and ability to get along with others     20 points
    Based on work and volunteer experience, letters of reference and responses to application questions (where applicable).
  3. Extra Curricular Activities     20 points
    Based on participation and enthusiasm for the industry by participation in industry-related events and activities.
  4. Educational record     20 points
    Based on grade point average.
  5. Professional promise     10 points
    Based on work experience, letters of reference and responses to application questions (where applicable).
  6. Essay    10 points
    Based on relevance to topic, knowledge of topic, style and grammar.

TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS                        100 points

Payment of Scholarship Money
Once the Foundation has received confirmation from the school of the recipient’s full time enrollment or graduation date (depending on the scholarship category) the scholarship money will be paid in its entirety directly to the school for credit towards the recipient’s tuition fees.  If the tuition fee has already been paid in full, the money will then be paid to the student by the college directly.  This occurs in the month of November the same year that the scholarship is awarded.

Please Note
All scholarship recipients’ photos will be posted on the Canadian Hospitality Foundation website and will also be printed in the Foundation’s annual fundraising gala program.  Each winner will also be invited as a guest of the Foundation to the annual fund raising gala.