How Can I Support?

The Canadian Hospitality Foundation’s Scholarship Program is funded by the donations made to the Direct Sponsored Scholarships as well as our annual fundraising events. These events not only raise the funds for our scholarships and professional development, but they also provide an opportunity for members of the industry to gather together to network, share ideas and of course enjoy the industry they are so much a part of and to just have fun.

Become a Direct Sponsored Scholarship Donor

The Foundation’s Direct Sponsored Scholarship Program is a platform for the industry to invest in their own future human capital and establishing a scholarship in their name.  It allows organizations and or individuals to make an annual donation or to create an endowment fund for a scholarship that is based on their own goals and objectives.  It allows the donor to create their own selection criteria and process but removes the time and effort it takes to execute the scholarship.

This is an excellent opportunity for companies to give back to the industry and help create successful pathways for future leaders and invest in their own future human capital.  See the Direct Sponsored Scholarship Program section for more information.

Annual Fund Raising Events

Another way that the industry is able to contribute to the Canadian Hospitality Foundation’s Scholarship Program is through the Foundation’s fundraising events.

An excellent way to not only contribute to the Scholarship Program but an excellent opportunity to network and or provide opportunities to entertain clients.

Participate as a sponsor, purchase a table and/or tickets or donate items or services for the fundraising activities at the event.

This selection of donating opportunities allows you to participate and contribute within your budget no matter how big or small.

See our Events section of our fundraising menu for more information.