How Can I Support?

The Canadian Hospitality Foundation is very proud to offer approximately $200,000 in scholarships annually for students across Canada wishing to pursue a career in the hospitality, foodservice and tourism industry.  We are Canada’s largest industry-driven source for scholarships.  We are able to accomplish this great task through two options; direct donations from the industry to our Direct Sponsored Scholarship Program and indirectly through our events.

Sponsored Scholarship Program
On an annual basis companies are able to donate funds directly to our Sponsored Scholarship Program.  The funds are specifically allocated to a scholarship designated by the company.  This is an excellent opportunity for companies to be support specific if that is their wish.  See the  Sponsored Scholarship Program section for more information.

Another way that the industry contributes to the Canadian Hospitality Foundation’s Scholarship Program is through the fundraising events.  Our largest is the annual Gala held at the end of October.  Opportunities for industry to contribute range from participating as a sponsor, purchasing tables and/or tickets as well as donating items or services for our fundraising auctions and/or bidding on items at the event. This menu of choices allows industry members to participate and contribute within their budget.  See our Events section of our fundraising menu for more information.