The Canadian Hospitality Foundation (CHF) offers over $200,000 worth of scholarships annually for students across Canada wishing to pursue a career in the hospitality, lodging, foodservice and tourism industry. We are Canada’s largest industry-driven source of scholarships. We raise the funds and act as a clearinghouse for the scholarships administration, processing and promotion. Money is raised through the CHF’s Sponsored Scholarship program and fund raising activities.

The CHF serves as a vehicle for hospitality, lodging, foodservice and tourism corporations to invest in the future of their own industry through their support of the CHF’s scholarship program to ensure that the best and brightest graduates join the industry.

The CHF was established in 1962 by the Canadian Restaurant Association (now Restaurants Canada) and is guided by a Board of Directors made up of senior executives from the industry, which also includes educators and media. It has been administered and managed by the Ontario Hostelry Institute since November 1993. The CHF is a registered charitable organization.

The Canadian Hospitality Foundation’s mission is to reward the best and the brightest students across Canada whose goal it is to enter the foodservice, lodging and hospitality industry. The scholarships are to encourage and ensure that these students continue and complete their education and enter into the industry. The CHF’s purpose is to help the industry invest in their Future Human Capital.