Create a Direct Sponsored Scholarship

Congratulations! Thank you for taking the first step in helping continue the cycle of bringing the best and brightest to the hospitality and foodservice industry. Let’s get started.

Direct Sponsor Scholarship Program:

The Sponsored Scholarship Program is designed for donations of $1,000 and more. These scholarships are donated to on an annual basis and are renewed each year.  The duration of the donation can be lengthened.

All Direct Sponsored Scholarship Donors will be listed within our website and also in each of our event programs. Our Scholarship Sponsors will also be invited to our Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony. A full tax receipt will be provided for the full amount of the donation.

For donations less than $1,000 please see our Group Sponsored Scholarship Section below.

Click here to request a scholarship donation form.

If you were thinking of giving a much larger donation than mentioned above, we would like to offer you yet another alternative – a Financial Endowment

Participating Universities and Colleges

Based on historical submissions of winning candidates, the Foundation works with the following accredited Colleges and Universities in offering scholarships to their students.  The list is reviewed annually by the Foundation’s Scholarship Committee.  Training facilities not found on the list are able to send a request to be added at any time during the year. Presently there are five (5) Universities and twenty-two (22) Colleges. If you are a training facility and would like to be part of the scholarship program please contact the Foundation directly at


  1. Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia
  2. Ryerson University, Ontario
  3. Thompson Rivers University, British Columbia
  4. University of Guelph, Ontario
  5. University of Victoria, British Columbia


  1. Algonquin College, Ontario
  2. Assiniboine Community College, Manitoba
  3. Camosun College, British Columbia
  4. Canadore College, Ontario
  5. Centennial College, Ontario
  6. Conestoga College, Ontario
  7. Douglas College, British Columbia
  8. Fanshawe College, Ontario
  9. George Brown College, Ontario
  10. Holland College, Prince Edward Island
  11. Humber College, Ontario
  12. Institut de Tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec, Quebec
  13. La Cite Collegiale, Ontario
  14. Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology, Ontario
  15. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Alberta
  16. Nova Scotia Community College, Nova Scotia
  17. Portage College, Manitoba
  18. Red River College, Manitoba
  19. Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatchewan
  20. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Polytechnic, Alberta
  21. Stratford Chefs School, Ontario
  22. Vancouver Community College, British Columbia

Typical Timeline

September / October – schools are informed of the available scholarships that they are allowed to fill and of scholarships that their students may apply for;

December – deadline for winners and scholarship applicants for our Direct Sponsored Scholarships;

January – confirm the registration of students or completion of the certificate;

February – presentation of the certificate at our Scholarship Awards Dinner; and

March – distribution of funds to each of the schools.

Distribution of Funds

Once a winning candidate has been received and vetted the training facilities are sent the funds and are instructed to put the funds toward the winning student’s fees.  If the fees are paid in full the school distributes the funds to the student directly.  If they are partially paid or if the amount of the scholarship exceeds the tuition the difference is sent directly to the individual.  The training facility is responsible for ensuring that the individual has the correct documentation for the individual to report their award on their income tax submission.


Financial Endowments:

A financial endowment is a donation of money (or property) to a nonprofit or charitable organization for the ongoing support of that organization. Typically the endowment is structured so that the principal amount is kept intact while the investment income is available for use, or part of the principal is released each year, which allows for the donation to have an impact over a longer period than if it were spent all at once.

The Canadian Hospitality Foundation is a registered charity. The foundation is audited annually by Grant Thornton and all funds are managed by BMO Nesbitt Burns.

If you are interested in providing an endowment to the Canadian Hospitality Foundation while you are living or through your will, please contact the foundation office directly at 416-649-4239 and speak with Katrin Zeuner.


School Selection:
Please note that The Canadian Hospitality Foundation takes the selection of the participating schools under much consideration and to ensure that we have the appropriate support funding for all the participating schools across Canada, the Canadian Hospitality Foundation reserves the right to allocate the Sponsored Scholarships. All special requests will be taken into consideration.

All Sponsored Scholarship donations made after April 1st will be awarded the following year.

Administrative Fee:
Please be advised that for Direct Sponsored Scholarships there will be an administration and certificate fee charged to cover the costs of administering a scholarship from start to finish of 20% of the value of the donation and $60 for the certificate (depending on value of donation this fee can be discussed).

Tax Receipt

All Direct Sponsored Scholarship Donors will receive and tax receipt for the full value of their donation.

The Foundation would also be more than happy to make the above decisions for you if you would prefer.